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The Realm of the Ancients Augurer Class

The Augurer is very strong-minded in its nature, both physically and magically. It is very confident of its actions in combat, and this confidence shows in its physical appearance. The Augurer is of a medium height, with a defined bone structure which shows both intelligence and assurance. Its appearance is wizened, but at times the Augurer may look frail due to exhaustion. Though it is of a medium size, its physical strength is not. The Augurer relies on both brain and brawn to overcome its challengers. When it is confronted, its wisdom decides what course of action it should take, and wisdom is its prime stat.

While in combat, the Augurer is capable of utilizing both spells and skills to their greatest potential. However, because of the Augurer's size, it tires of magic easily. To overcome this mental exhaustion, the Augurer is a strong believer in the use of mana for rejuvination of its magical powers, and uses a lot of it. In its spare time, the Augurer enjoys the local lore, both the teaching and learning of it, as well as musical and theatrical pursuits. The Augurer is a very independent person, and spends much of its spare time in meditation, reflecting upon the day's activities.

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