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The Realm of the Ancients Clans

There are few places where clans can take such prominence over a MUD, and Realm of the Ancients is just that place. Clans are the basis of playerkill (pkill) on this MUD, hence the immediate need for the creation of such organizations. Playerkill, like mobkill and questing, is heavily regulated for various things. Since RotA is not a playerkill-based MUD, players are not required to be deadly when they enter the Realm. Those who are avid pkillers and have the experience, or just want to try their hand in it, are able to do so as they wish. However, being a deadly does not excuse a player from following the laws and rules. Those who are experienced with both being deadly, and dealing with deadly on a regular basis, may look down upon other deadlies as being "trash talkers" or "egotistical morons". We hope, that at Realm of the Ancients, the whole deadly ideal is reversed and people embrace deadlies just as they would do to peaceful characters.

The following deadly clans are offered to players who choose to join a clan, once they have reached the appropriate character level to do so:
  • DeathStryker
  • BloodBane