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The Realm of the Ancients Gith Race

The Gith are a race descended from humans. Once long ago, they were a peaceful civilization of humans that were captured by mind flayers and tormented for centuries. Eventually, a savior named Gith led them to freedom, yet their bodies had been flayed by the mental powers of the illithids. The Gith found themselves, stronger, quicker, luckier and smarter than average humans, yet they had lost much of their faith, wisdom, stamina and charisma. They had yellowed skin and were very long of limb. Sunken eyes peered from yellowed sockets, now strangely capable of naturally detecting invisible things. The Gith race has split into three distinct groups recently. The good, the Githzerai, the selfish neutral, the Pirates of Gith, and the evil, the Githyanki.

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