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The Realm of the Ancients Guilds

The Realm of the Ancients offers many guilds to those who have a taste for joining a steady organization. All guilds are overseen by two Immortals: Overseer and Advisor. These two Immortals interact with the guilds and ensure that gameplay is both fair and exciting. Guilds are currently in the process of obtaining the right mortals for Leadership and are always interested in obtaining new members.

Guilds follow the same laws as Orders and Clans, as far as mudwide laws, but have their own laws as far as guild interactions go. Each guild member is to obey all laws, set forth by the mud and by each individual guild. All guilds have one common bond: to ensure that gameplay is fun for all. As the mud grows and progresses, new items will be added in to make sure that guild members are satisfied with their place within each individual guild. All leaders are expected to govern their own guild, making sure that their members interact with each other and steer clear of any violations.

The following guilds are offered to those who are interested in joining or placing an alternate character:

For more information, seek out the guild that fits you best and contact either The Overseer or Advisor to Guilds. They can best help you with any questions, concerns or suggestions that you may have either now or in the future.

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