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The Realm of the Ancients Half-Ogre Race

The Half-Ogre is a result of breeding during the dark days with humans, when pure-blooded Ogres were known for raping and looting Human villages. As a result of this, the Half-Ogre stands from six to nine feet tall in height and is known for its muscle-packed body that can weigh from three to four hundred pounds. Most are relatively hairless, their bodies are covered with small, boney growths, and their disproportionately long limbs gives them a somewhat simian appearance. This offspring of humans and Ogres has inherited great physical abilities: an apptitude for aggression from its Ogre lineage, inherent infravision to assist in traversing darkness, and though slightly smaller than pure-bred Ogres it nevertheless boasts an awesome strength. Being territorial, most Half-Ogres will readily engage in battle to establish superiority over any it encounters. All in all a race best suited for the role of pure fighter.

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