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The Realm of the Ancients Half-Orc Race

A recent mingling of Orcish and Human blood arising as the darker races have encroached further upon the remaining settled areas, most members of this half-blooded race are distinctly more Orcish than Human in both appearance and behavior. Large and dull of wit, with short but broad bodies, their poor mental and physical dexterity is offset by an iron constitution. Though some have dabbled in the sorcerous arts due to their human influence, brute combat is is still the natural call which stirs in the soul of the Half-Orc. All Half-Orcs possess infravision. Though not as broad nor powerful as full-blood Orcs, Half-Orcs usually retain their wider bodies, longer, bowed limbs and heavier musculature. A ridged brow crowned by bushy eyebrows conceals small, squinting eyes; below a snout-like noses opens a maw filled with crooked fangs; dark skin emanating a rancid odor; their presence disgusts civilized races. Standing from five to seven feet tall and averaging two hundred pounds, an altogether fearsome race.

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