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The Realm of the Ancients Immortals

The Immortal staff at the Realm of the Ancients is composed of several individuals, all experienced in both administrative and creating commands. These beings are picked by the Council of Command (CoC) and are placed within the Immortal ranks based on several attributes. Mainly, the following individuals are looked at for future Immhood:

  • Persons Who Have Been Immortals Before
  • Current Creators (Builders)
  • Leaders of Guilds, Clans and/or Orders

Immortals, based on their past experience, are placed within the ranks at which the CoC feels best for he/she to start out at. Also, Immortals are promoted based on work performance and other recognizable contributions to the MUD. High-level Immortals are usually placed in different organizations, all based on need and skill level. Those Immortals who hold a position of level 64 or higher are asked to be part of the Council of Command.

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