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Realm of the Ancients Links Page

Links to Other Affiliates of Realm of the Ancients

Many links found here are what Realm of the Ancients uses to either promote, help people connect, or are there for a general purpose (as decided so by the homepage editor and/or administrative staff of the MUD. I can't guarantee that these links will be continuously updated, but you can search for each one under a variety of search engines, such as Yahoo and Google. The following links are as follows:

{SMAUG MUD Code Base} - The base code for our MUD. You can find a various amount of MUD resources, suited to your liking, through the website.

TopMudSites - One of the main voting websites on the Internet, dealing with all diffferent types of MUDs. Only the top 100 MUDs are voted on, through a link to this website, and are listed by rank. Also, you can find links to the websites which people have voted on here. MUD and Online Text Gaming - Kyndig also deals with MUDs in general and is a good site to post new MUDs. It also has boards if you have any questions, whether it be about starting your own MUD or about general MUD knowledge. It hosts roughly 143 MUDs, so it's in no means a small website.

Shadowlands MUD - Ok, this really isn't the best thing to do...which is, advertise another MUD on a competing MUD's website. But this link serves a different purpose. You can download the ORB (Offline Room Builder) from this website, as well as find areas that you may want either now, or in the future. The only catch with obtaining a MUD through this website is that you must post a copy of your own. So, if you're not willing to budge with any of your areas (even if you have any), then you can just take a look at what the website has to offer.

Zugg Software Home - ZMud is one of the largest and most-distributed pieces of software there is to offer. In short, it's a MUD client that allows you to store character information, as well as connect to more than one MUD at a time. Speaking from experience, it's way better than trying to play a MUD through telnet.

Welcome to GAME.ORG - is the main website for the creators of SMAUG, and more than likely, is a good reference tool for those of you who wish to know what SMAUG is and what makes it work. On the website, you will be able to access The Mud Companion, a small but comprehensive webzine which deals with SMAUG in general.

Zylara's SMAUG mud OLC Building Guide - This link has some really good insight into learning how to build on SMAUG MUDs, as well as some informative resources for even those experienced builders.
Herne's SMAUG Building Guide - I learned quite well from what was put in this guide, and I fully believe that it's the best website out there for builders. It contains all of the ins-and-outs to SMAUG building, as well as examples.
The MUD Connector - Online Gaming Compilation - This is also another website that deals with MUDs, whether it's posting one for exposure, or finding a MUD that suits you just right. We here, at Realm of the Ancients, hope that it's just to see what all the hooplah is about (and believe me, I would have put it in big neon pink blinking text if I thought you should come here to find a new place to be).