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Realm of the Ancients

Realm of the Ancients is a text-based MUD, which stands for Multi-User Dungeon. It was first created in November 2001 by Rizzen Athlander and has grown to a relatively well-sized MUD. It has alot to offer to both new and experienced "mudders".

With the experienced immortals and creators, the Realm of the Ancients has grown to a recognizable MUD amongst both staff and new players. As far as area size, it's a continuously-growing database of over 88 areas (with even more in creation as the days go by). Along with the implementation of new areas, the codebase for the MUD grows also. New code ideas are in constant addition in order to better the MUD as a whole. This new coding allows for a more expansive database, thus bringing in interested people to become part of the Realm experience.

MUD Aspects That Are Available to New Players:

  • Mobkill (Mkill)
  • Player Kill (Pkill)
  • Quests
  • Clans
  • Guilds
  • Orders

The staff of the Realm of the Ancients hopes that you will join us and learn of the wonderful things we have to offer to even the newest MUD player.

Immortals Creators Clans
Guilds Classes Races
For Those Who Prefer Telnet, Enter Here.
Download Windows Client, KevTerm, to begin playing Realm of the Ancients!

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