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Orders of the Realm of the Ancients

As with any other MUD, Realm of the Ancients offers players a chance to join a more distinguished organization (other than guilds or clans). And with our MUD being so young, Realm of the Ancients offers players two choices in Orders. Each Order has the ability to grow and progress into an elite organization, based solely off of the player input and activity. Our Orders offer to players, both new and experienced, a chance to learn more on a one-to-one basis, rather than being in a Guild and learning from a mass of players.

Each Order is limited, in a way, to having just ten mortal members and one Immortal member (more times than none, a Deity). Each member is expected to follow the MUD rules, as well as individual Order rules, and are no more exempt from them than the Immortals themselves. Order members are encouraged to be an active part of the RotA community in every aspect the game has to offer. The following Orders are offered to those interested in joining:

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