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The Realm of the Ancients Races

The various races offered to those who venture into Realm of the Ancients can be found on in the base version of SMAUG v1.4a. However, the races that are available on this MUD have been modified (or "tweaked" in geek speak") to where its suitability best fits the creator's ideals. There are certain race restrictions, as far as classes go, and also restrictions as far as deities go. Each race comes with its own perks, such as gains at each new level and separation from the rest of the MUD (in regards to uniqueness).

The following races are offered to players, both experienced and new:

Each race's description can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link above. Please remember, different races (as far as making characters with the same class) will yield both different statistics and hitpoint gains at level changes. Be sure to choose your race carefully, for it could mean the different between a character you love and one you want to "kick several times in the head for giving bad gains".

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