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The Realm of the Ancients ShadowKnight Class

Throughout the ages, Paladins have roamed the realm following the eternal light of good and purity. Not all people can carry the load of being the Knights of Justice. Deep within the souls of some mortals lies a hidden path of evil and corruption. This corruption can tear out the soul of the righteous. It even can grow beyond the light that guides a Paladin. It is here that a Paladin, by the name of Mezzic, felt a dark pulling sensation. He fought off the dark urge alongside his longtime friend, Hezekiah. Together, the two Paladins felt they could guard the light against any foe. It is here that they met a dark warrior that changed the future of young Mezzic. The dark warrior was Virgoth, himself. He showed Mezzic a side of him that had been hidden to him by Hezekiah and Ayala. Virgoth showed him there was more to his life then protecting the light. Hezekiah, knowing the danger, they both were in sent a prayer out to Ayala and Ayala answered by coming out of the heavens. When the battle was at its peak it was Mezzic who joined Virgoth and turned on Hezekiah. Ayala was furious with Mezzic and condemned him of all his Paladin abilities. Watching the battle from the heavens Jadora the true balance of good and evil suggested an idea to Virgoth and thus the ShadowKnight was born. Mezzic was given new abilities to replace what Ayala took from him. Jadora reasoned that without good there is no evil. Ayala angrily accepted the wisdom of Jadora and returned to the heavens. From that day forth, ShadowKnights have waged war against Paladins. Mezzic and Hezekiah, who were once friends, are now the bitterest of enemies.

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